Why Did We Create Airbrush-Stencils.com?

When I was looking for technical advice about airbrushes or equipment that has something to do with airbrushing I’ve found almost nothing.

A long time spent on forums looking for something particular didn’t give me the exact answer either. After a while an Idea of airbrush website was born. It’s something I wanted to do for a while. The lack of information on the Internet just pushed me to create Airbrush-Stencils.com

This airbrush website is aimed at airbrush beginners and advanced airbrush artists. The main purpose is to cover most of the technical aspects of airbrushing and bring something with galleries and incredible array of Airbrush Stencils to inspire everyone, the history of airbrushing and of course to share stencils and reference materials.Testimonials From Our Readers

Some testimonials from our users

I love the site! Very nice work. The writing, the photos, the graphics…..good stuff 🙂 “New?Start Here” genius! PR3 in a year is proof..respect 🙂
Doug Byron
This is my second time at your site. And now I realize you have design a great site to study and learn from.
I should have discover this the first time I came by. I’m going to book mark this to keep it close by.
Cool site! I know nothing about airbrushing so I am going to come back to your site…very interesting!
Best to you!
Thank you so much for your blog. Your topics are relevant and to the point. More importantly, I feel that you answer *THE* very questions that a novice needs to know.
That isn’t to say that there isn’t anything for the professional or dedicated amateur!
Thank you so very much for your blog and I look forward to reading and watching more!
Randy Wiggins
It is good that you took the time to post a comprehensive listing of paint options.
I wish more websites did so. The mainstream airbrush sites are sorely lacking on this point.
Barry Munden
So glad to see someone keeping the history work alive. I still have all 3 Walkups and the original painting of Longfellow, but all locked away safe these days.
One of the biggest things for me was having Walkups 93 year old nephew tell me that he was so pleased that his family could now be recognised for all their efforts. He recalled working with Liberty in a room full of pipes and metal.
History made real!!
Keep up the good work as I, yes indeed, have aged and work in other things for the time being
Andy Penaluna
Hi! Your website is fantastic. There are a number of well written out tutorials here and everything seems to be well laid out also.
The website itself took a little while to load for me, though. Best of luck!
If you fail to find it on the internet create an awesome website. That is the reason for this one. Good advice to “Just Do It” if that interest you. Learn as you go, but get started.

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